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We could feel the spirits moving around us as we entered the cemetery. The grief and despair we felt was overwhelming. As we recited the dedication in the rain, we could feel a change in the emotional presence of the spirits around us. Upon placing the crystal, the mood became more peaceful. We could feel the gratitude of the spirits we had helped.


Dotti and I had a magical experience on this hike. We could feel the fairies around us as we placed the crystal amongst the ferns and sacred stones. I felt the presence of Native American warriors who had lost their lives there after being ambushed. The Native American grandmothers then appeared to me and thanked me for the work we had done there.


I conducted a short meditation to clear and center myself at the edge of the pier where many ships have been built, entered and exited. I proceeded to perform the Rose Quartz Dedication and tossed the rose quartz into Georgian Bay. It cascaded over large rocks and into the water. I stayed to have the energy of the rose quartz permeate Georgian Bay and the ships that have gone down, leaving souls in her cold waters, then out to the Great Lakes, calling them by name and out into the St. Lawrence River. Hands toward the water and holding the energies for ten minutes, calling out in gratitude for this opportunity and then "So Be It, It is Done" was for completion. It felt just fantastic...thank you again. xoxo


Old Oraibi Village
Kykotsmovi Village, AZ 86039
Participant: Carrie W

We had the most amazing visit with the Kachina ancestors of Old Oriabi when placing this crystal in the plaza below the Tawa House.

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