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As with most things, there's usually a story involved that gets a project started. In February 2015 my wife, Jeanne, attended a shamanic seminar in Seattle, Washington. During this time, she experienced a vision giving her instructions to conduct on-going ceremonies to help earthbound Spirits return to the Light. In addition to this vision, Jeanne was led to a nearby shop where she was instructed to purchase a pair of rose quartz crystals. These crystals had come from Lake Titicaca, Peru and had been blessed and energized with the capacity to assist in the fulfillment of her vision. The first crystal was to be buried at the base of a maple tree on the property of the holistic center where the ceremonies were to be held. The second crystal was to remain in her possession and was to attend every ceremony.  She was informed these crystals have an infinite capacity to act as a refuge or waiting room for any earthbound spirit that chooses to remain inside and benefit from future ceremonies.

These ceremonies follow a shamanic practice known as psychopomp, where a portal is opened within a sacred space allowing any earthbound spirits to return to the Light. In Jeanne's vision, these portals are anchored at the four corners by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and Willow Wise Woman (the Shamanic Practitioner-Jeanne) and are facilitated with the rose quartz crystals from Peru. This ceremony is known as The Spirit Depot and is held quarterly at Merging Hearts Holistic Center in Canton, Ohio.


In her capacity as a shamanic practitioner, Jeanne communicates with Spirit on a regular basis.  It is not uncommon for either of us to receive similar messages related to this mission. Within days of Jeanne’s return from Seattle, I began receiving messages to place rose quartz crystals in locations indicated by Spirit. These smaller crystals were gifted with the vibrations of the original crystals through ceremony and energized to serve as refuge for any earthbound souls. The placing of these smaller crystals at hospitals, nursing homes, cemeteries, etc. has become known as The Rose Quartz Project. We, along with many volunteers, have been inspired to place crystals in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida and Canada. Crystals have also been placed in the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.


In the latter part of July 2017, I began receiving messages instructing me to build a staff with a rose quartz orb at the top. The staff was to be used in my work dedicating and placing crystals. This staff has been used in many different ceremonies and remains my primary tool in The Rose Quartz Project.

In the weeks following the August 21, 2017 total Solar Eclipse, I began receiving more messages with additional instructions. Spirit was very pleased with the work The Rose Quartz Project had accomplished and wanted us to increase our activity to include as many locations as possible. I also received a message with instructions to hold ceremony connecting all rose quartz crystals on Mother Earth with the energy and vibration of the original crystals from Peru. So, any rose quartz crystal placed using the dedication shown on the Invitation page will act as a refuge for earthbound spirits to use in their journey to the Light. When Jeanne performs the quarterly Spirit Depot, all spirits 'waiting' in the rose quartz crystals from around the world will be gently and safely summoned to continue on their path to the Light. 

Rose quartz crystal from Peru used in the Spirit Depot ceremonies.
My wife, Jeanne
Wayne with Staff
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