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     While on a break, during a Shamanic seminar in February 2015, Jeanne, my wife at the time, visited a metaphysical shop.  While there, she experienced a vision when she approached two rose quartz crystal from Lake Titicaca, Peru. This vision involved using the crystals to help Earthbound Spirits return to the light through a tradition known as a Psychopomp ceremony. These ceremonies continued quarterly until January  2022.


     Upon her return, I started receiving messages to place rose quartz crystal in location to which I had been led by Spirit. These crystals were gifted with the same energy and vibration as the original Peruvian crystals through ceremony.  The placing of these smaller crystals at hospitals nursing homes monuments, cemeteries etc; has become known as The Rose Quartz Project.  And to date, with the help of many wonderfully loving and compassionate volunteers, we have placed crystals in twenty four of the United States, eight countries of Europe and three Provence’s of Canada. Crystals have also been placed Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas. We gave thanks to the One Infinite Creator for all of these beautiful people. We feel a profound since of gratitude for all of the amazing work that has been done to help these needy spirits and we are honored to be a part of this effort.     

     In the latter part of July 2017, I received instructions to build a staff with a rose quartz orb at the top. The staff was to be used when dedicating and placing crystals. This staff remains my primary tool in The Rose Quartz Project.

​     In the weeks following the August 21, 2017 total Solar Eclipse, I began receiving  additional instructions. Spirit was very pleased with the work The Rose Quartz Project had accomplished and wanted us to increase our activity to include as many locations as possible. I also received instructions to hold a ceremony connecting all rose quartz crystals on Mother Earth with the energy and vibration of the original crystals from Peru. So, any rose quartz crystals placed using the dedication shown on the Invitation page will act as a refuge/portal for earthbound spirits to use in their journey to the light.

More Messages

     In early 2022 I was instructed to begin placing three crystals in a triangular pattern instead of just one. Spirit told me this would open a permanent portal that would allow earthbound spirits to return to the light any time they chose. My understanding was that we were entering a time when it would be necessary for many more spirits, to make their transition, many more than we had witnessed before.


Rose quartz crystal from Peru 
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