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     It is our sincere wish that if you are moved by this message, that you will consider dedicating and placing three rose quartz crystals in your area for those Earthbound Souls that may have, for whatever reason, missed the light at the time of their passing. Again, we make no judgments of these stranded souls and seek only to serve those in need. We hope you will join us, if only one time. Every crystal counts. Many people have helped thousands of our fellow travelers along the journey we call life to make their transition from the physical plane to the spiritual realm just by placing a few simple crystals.  

      *As of January 2023, Spirit has indicated that over 56.4 million Earthbound Spirits have returned to the light since we started in 2015. 


1) You may have a location in mind or you may choose to be guided by Spirit.

2) Spirit has always led me to place crystals within four feet of the base of the largest tree at the location of choice, after asking the tree for its permission.

3) I use the staff to create a three-hole pattern, pointing East toward the Rising Sun, large enough to accommodate the size of the chosen crystals.

A screwdriver works well too.

4)  Hold the crystals in your right hand and recite the dedication below.

5)  Place the crystals in the holes and cover them with a little dirt.

6) And then say thank you to the tree.

 That’s all there is to it.    


    In the name of Mother Mary, Quan Yin,  Mary Magdalene and St. Germaine:                                                                                      

 Sweep the Violet flame through Me - “Almighty I Am”         

 Spin the Violet Flame through Me - “Give Thy Command”                                       Blaze the Violet Flame through Me -“Increase it every hour” 

 And Anchor the Violet Flame within Me -“Love, Wisdom, and Power”

    With the protection of “Archangel Michael” 

    We place these loving crystals, so that any earthbound Spirit may use their vibration to return to the light!    

    At the direction of the “One Infinite Creator” we bring  GOD’s  Light, Love, Grace and Peace to this place.

    We also Decree that a Permanent Column of the Violet Flame has been established in this place for the Love, Light and Healing of all mankind.  

And So It Is!   And So it is!   And So it is!                                

Thank you Spirit, for this opportunity to be of service.    

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,                           

     Amen – Aho – Namaste’

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We are all One!
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