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It is our sincere wish that if you are moved by this message that you will consider dedicating and placing a rose quartz crystal in your area for those Earthbound Souls that may have, for whatever reason, missed the Light at the time of their death. Again, we make no judgments of these stranded souls and seek only to serve those in need of our help. We hope you will join us if only one time. Every crystal counts. Many people have helped hundreds of our fellow travelers along the journey we call life to make their transition from the physical plane to the spiritual realm just by placing one simple crystal.


You may have a location in mind or you may choose to be guided by Spirit. You only need to make a small hole in the ground where you want the rose quartz crystal to rest, approximately two to three inches deep and large enough to accommodate the size of the chosen crystal. Hold the rose quartz crystal in your right hand and recite the Dedication listed below. Then place the rose quartz crystal in the hole and cover it with a little dirt. That’s all there is to it.


Repeat this dedication while holding the rose quartz crystal in your right hand:

"In the name of Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene and Willow Wise Woman, I place this crystal so that any earthbound spirits can use its vibration to find their way back to the Light. 


Thank you, Spirit, for this opportunity to be of service. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Aho."

Wayne at Gettysburg National Cemetery

Final Thoughts

It is our belief that we are here on earth, in the third dimension, as part of The One Infinite Creator so that It may experience Itself thru our actions and desires.Because all of humankind is part of the Creator, the gift of Light we carry and the love we share become manifestations of our purpose on earth. To that end, any act of compassion, love and service to others is an act of service to the Creator. In helping earthbound spirits return to the Light, we are helping humankind on our journey thru spiritual evolution. We are all One.


May you feel the joy that we experience in helping needy souls on their path to return home. If helping just one stranded spirit helps you to acknowledge your spiritual presence and impact in this life, then we all benefits from this mission. We thank you in advance for your interest and your efforts, both on behalf of these wandering souls and The Rose Quartz Project.  


We wish you peace, love and joy in your journey. Thank You!


We are all One!
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