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Mission Statement

The Rose Quartz Project is dedicated to the mission of helping earthbound spirits return to the Light. We seek no glory for this work and act solely out of compassion for stranded souls in need.



Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Wayne Brooks from North Canton, OH in the United States. I hope you find this message moving and inspirational.  The purpose of this website is to inform you of a mission for which I have been chosen, along with my wife, Jeanne, and to invite you to participate. Our desire is to assist any earthbound spirits to find the Light, so they may continue a path that leads back to the One Infinite Creator. We invite you to join us in this mission.

There are many ways that a soul may become lost and stranded on this earthly plane and unable to find their way Home. Souls may linger in this dimension instead of going to the Light at their time of death to watch over a loved one, such as a child or spouse. They may remain to seek revenge or they may not even know they are dead. We refer to these entities as earthbound spirits. We place no judgments in this practice. Spirit has asked for our help and we gladly offer our assistance out of service to others with all humility and an open heart.

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